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  • dude i need your help KC is going 2 have a tournament soon at we have like 3 guys and we need at least 5 u know that we have alot ppl but i wanted the betters one so go to our website and i explain u everything better lol
    nah man i dont think i can. I got finals the next 3 weeks for school :( but dont worry after these 3 weeks we will kick A$$ ALL DAY EVERY DAY!
    UR JOK3R Righ u were in GS wit me before we added each other awhile back when i waz Mike2258
    hi dude hey it is going to be a KC tournament in june 26 i think u can visit the web page and see it on tournaments we have like 5 ppl on it junior, angel,clone, penquin and me.
    Jerzy will be specting so you can join dude he says hes going to give medals to the 1,2,3 place. i hope u can join C ya dude:yesnod:
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