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  • heck yaa man fur both ur questions, im playin waw right now, im tryin 2 get ahold of [no]alpha, he's max lvl, max prestege, he played wit me 1 time, & wanted 2 join, i left a post 4 him. we talked on cod5 by changing our name alot, LOL
    anyone got excitebots, i wonder y no1 talks about it on wiichat, its the best online racing game that the wii has
    yah, i got cod4, iv only played it a couple times tho, but i got 1st everytime, i dont know any glitches on there so i never play, do u no any glitches 4 cod4, & r u in a clan, (im not in a clan on cod4) if not lets start 1.
    u should get cod5, its soo much better, & the levels r way bigger & better
    im almost on last prestege on cod5, u no any1 that has it, im really good at that game, brothers in arms is a good shootin game but its not an online game, if it was, it'd b my favorite, its more of a war game, thn just shootin people, but cod5 is still my favorite, only cause i know lik over a thousand glitches, i luv showin people glitches, im tryin to but them on youtube, theres some im prety sure im the only 1 who know about it, other thn my clan members
    i hav waw & mwr, i'll b gettin bo the sec it comes out, black ops, that was dumb callin it bo, it makes it sound lik the game stinks LOL
    im using the internet channel on wii my fone doesn't have internet so wen i go play cod i navel to get off here
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