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  • Lol. Glad I could fill you in on some of those details, and I think I'm going to edit my sig to something less "elitist".
    Where you from, as in, have ya been to another Brawl site. :lol:

    GC controller is not for noobs, just Its easier with the Wiimote.

    I assumed you had some elitist, stuck up attitude about not using a GC controller because of your sig, sorry. I took that comment about n00bs the wrong way. :p

    ****, for you maybe. I can't do jack with a Wiimote/Wiimote+Nunchuck. :lol: With practice I might become feasibly "good", but nah, it takes some sort of talent to be good with any Wiimote combination IMO. The GC is definitely easier to use since it's straight forward, and I would think either Wiimote set-up doesn't allow some of the more button layout-related techs. Of course, if ya know otherwise, do educate me. =)
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