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  • Hi my otaku friend! It seems that we exchanged friend codes a month ago, but have never run into each other during actual play. It's my fault really because i was playing at night with my gates closed. But that's all done now and i'd like to know what times do you usually play? if you like, i would try hard to meet up with you. i am also leaving my gates open when i play again. Anyways, so sorry for such a long note, see you soon. zpyderly
    Thanks for giving me your info guys! Sadly, real life calls so I'll be happy to add you tonight after work (TwT)
    Hi, my name is zpyderly.
    My fc: 3524-5060-7546
    My town is called: Oddville
    Check my public profile for more info about me if you wish.
    I'll go ahead and add you.
    Have a great day. :D
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