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  • Who was going to think you had an sweet side?, (That or I didn´t get your last message right lol :wink::frown5:
    *smiles as i look down and kick dust* haha you dont have to lie to me. :3 im probabaly the only person who can understand what ever your going thrue....so if you ever want to talk serious pm me! :D but other then that *pokes your belly* we can just have random chitchats. :3
    haha i allways hear mr.g&ws beeps and his 9 move. xD and well i have convos to myself about how gods a pieace of sh*t because something bad allways happins to me for no aperant reason....ohh...and ive been having thoughts like that scence 7th grade sooo...its just natural of me to want a bullet in my head. :3
    Dose anyone reading this ever talk to themselves? I just had a full conversation about physics by sending myself messages. What? I was BORED!
    Dose It mean I'm playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl to much if I'm constantly hearing Toon Link's B up move? Creepy...... *shivers*
    haha the police one sounds fun! :3 i want them to be like put the gun down and im like but i dont have a gun then one of them says officer down and the whole squad comes. xD for what i have...i can never get "well" :/
    ello! :3 long time no talk? thats what i would of said if we knew eachother. :p soooo....hows it going? :eek:
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