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  • yes and sorry about not answer anything I've kinda..... well how do I put it, in a "so depressed I started to cut myself/I'm in hell" kinda mood for a few weeks... part of me wants the world and everything on it to burn and the other just wants to get better. I'm just so tired of everything.......
    well im gonna guess ur a chick since ur occupation is "sexy" lol. this is awesome! a chick that likes metroid! such great games. u play super smash or animal crossing?
    Im gonna play MK around 9pm (GMT-6), u r invited

    :thumbsup: Mario Kart: 3567-2077-2070
    :thumbsup: Tatsunoko vrs Capcom: 0346-5165-5167
    :thumbsup: GHero - Metallica: 3825-5056-8546
    :thumbsup: GHero - World Tour: 2407-9603-6509
    :thumbsup: GHero - Smash Hits: 3052-2982-5585
    Also, I have Metroid Trilogy and Other M to help you

    See u my friend
    hi angel. i´ve just seen your message. i want to smash you!!! this is my fc 1720-3265-5411
    but as you see, i hardly notice there are messages here. write to my mail, please. its. uzielvq@hotmail.com
    if you can´t, dont worry. just be pacient, please :)
    bye, hope to play soon. and merry christmas.
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