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  • That's assuring to hear, some people are glued to their forums from sunrise to dawn.
    Btw are you in highscool, or university, or wait are we talking 'I'm a 30 year old'
    Utter Monday boredom, nothing good on TV, and didn't go out today so why not wiichat!
    I doubt I'll be sticking around for anything more then a week but we'll see.
    Please tell me you have more life off the computer then on ?
    you know what they say, Reunited and it feels so good (8)
    er, i don't know, LIFE OFF THE COMPUTER, is ever so hectic :p
    + for a while I had two other wii forums which i busily posted on.
    My goodness, back then when i first signed for wiichat I was absurdly childish and idiotic, I'm glad I'm past that stage and that I can actually type properly now :).
    Haha, well I'm not to big of an ocean person but I enjoy the beach. Boardwalk is awesome of course. Where do you prefer to go?
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