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    Four years!!

    None of you guys from 2009 to present remember when this site's forums were booming with activity. I come back once a month, and everything looks exactly the same from thirty days prior. I miss those days.
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    It's my 18th birthday!

    Congratulations!:D you can now get your head blown off in the Middle East, but you still can't drink alcohol legally. Isn't turning 18 beautiful?:)
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    What's a good way to break up with someone?

    No don't pussy out and make a joke out of it. Just tell her how you feel. If you're not feeling right about it, obviously she's not feeling great about things either. Unless she's ignorantly bliss. Tell her, "We need to talk. This isn't working out anymore. I'm sorry but I don't want this to...
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    XBOX LIVE:is it becoming free?

    Don't get your hopes up. I doubt Microsoft would do that. They're making way too much money to think otherwise.
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    Shadow*91, GigaRidley, lbu8, Bodine, and CGReaper

    "The old wiichat crew"? Lmfao You're off by a good 2 years. Prinny, what are you still doing around here actively? You've been here all the time since I joined like 3 and a half years ago xD
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    Is Jay-Z a...

    jfgi It would be so much quicker.
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    Ya know what, sovieto raises a great point. If all else fails, do that^
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    Does God exist?

    So here's a good question. I have my own opinion on this, but let's just say for instance: What if, in mankind, religion was never created? There was no understanding of it, there was not even a definition for the word "god". How much different do you think this world would be over the duration...
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    Gay Marrige

    I didn't read anything above except for one post. Someone said that marriage is a religious thing. That only reinforces that in the United States, the government has no right to help or hurt a religion stated by the 1st Amendment.
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    Does God exist?

    Exactly. And assuming we're wrong, then I'd be happy to get on my knees and pray. Because then that's evidence. But until then, I'm happy with knowing I'll rot in the ground after I die.
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    Modern Warfare 2: Glitch on Highrise

    It's an easter egg. not a glitch. Notice how there's a **** ton of teddy bears up on the roof? they put it there on purpose.
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    Does God exist?

    Damn Napalm, you're a one man army. Hahahah anything any of the other people could bring up is already being said by you. and said so much better too xD. Like i was gonna say something about a post above, then i scrolled down, and you already got it. Good debate though. Even as an...
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    Drugs [perhaps not safe for kiddies]

    Way to resurrect a dead thread. from over 2 years ago.
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    Does God exist?

    All they have is a bible. A book written over the course of what? 2000 years? first passed on through Oral Tradition for HUNDREDS of years. Then they started writing it down after awhile and who knows how many times the stories got changed or how the writers wanted to add their own touch. Let's...
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    Gay Marrige

    Someone used the Bible as a source above. Bullshit. In a debate, you cannot use a religious piece to justify something, because it does not apply to every person. The Bible is a big book of opinions and morals. not fact, science, or any real historical basis. It's like taking a Dr. Seuss book...