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  • yeah its still going but i think my wii is dead now.
    maybe buying a new one but it takes time and its summer and almost vacation hope afther that i'm back i'll keep you update when i got some news
    yeah was fun again but i was playing bad course i dont play it much and i was trying new settings and controls.and now i got new problems with my wii so have to find out what it is.youre friend is welcome but i cant add him now,when he has a profile i will send some guys the fc and let them add him. cya next time
    LOL at the frustation clip hahaha now in the beach im seeing those always hahaha
    Hey man this KC|+theeEND+ add me my fc is 0372-6169-2442 add me and post yours on my page thanks
    No it is still offline. So how is your online game going? Can you only get carbalite ore online?
    I fought the Ceadus out of the village, then killed it. Just became a gunner and creating
    bow gun sets.
    haha, i was a bit drunk and my daughter took my picture and put it on, so i thought it would be nice for everyone to see who they was shooting lol
    yeah it was an awsome party next day i dont have a voice(lol)and nice picture of you on site
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