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  • hey my brawl id is 3480 7347 6522 wen you get a chance add me on my brawl and on wii chat and you can give me ur wiinumber and ur brawl numba
    It was kind of laggy. I have a nice Ike don't I XD? Your friend is good with Ganondorf. GGS.
    My matches take place in Final Destination, 3 Stock, and No Items. Are you good with Ike? I think that I'm probably the best Ike user in Wiichat. I just know how to fight Ike's so I don't loose against them.
    By the looks of your brawlcard I see that you are an Ike user so do you wanna face your Ike against mine or something. Cause I accept in that case my FC is 1289-8229-9135.
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