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    Is Nintendo Right to Exclude Voice Chat?

    I think that people should just play the game and not get mad at nintendo for not putting in a voice chat. Sure it's fun to trash talk and whatnot but its not really something you need to play and have fun. people should stop getting mad at nintendo for not putting voice chat. it'll com. just...
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    Smash bros in canada?

    Is smash bros already out in Canada?
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    360 or Wii?

    I think I'll go for all three and the amazing comp. But first I need to win the lotto lol
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    360 or Wii?

    Whats wrong with the ps3? How come everyone hates it so much? lol
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    Call of Duty 4???

    Is there a release date for COD5 or is it too still too early?
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    pokemon blue

    What level do Slowpoke, Ponyta, and Dragonair evolve at?
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    Frog lure

    What does the frog lure do?
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    360 or Wii?

    What would be a better console to buy?
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    Call of Duty 4???

    That's excellent news, i can't wait it's going to be awesome. I've been waiting to play Call of Duty online for a long time just from watching my friends play it. It looks so much fun! Is Call of Duty pretty much the same thing as Medal of Honor?
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    Call of Duty 4???

    Is it going to be?
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    Call of Duty 4???

    Is Call of Duty 4 out for wii???
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    Countdown From A Million

    :( im too slow haha
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    Countdown From A Million

    999, 995 :D this is never gonna end
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    Hey! I`m new here and the reason why I joined this forum was to find out if Call of Duty 4 is for the wii. If anyone knows please tell me.