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  • bakura can you join my goldeneye clan called (sie) souls we eat i need members and your perfect for it oh on wii chat and goldeneye
    Good games and your hosting was good and yeah he was a pain. I had a thunderstorm last night knocked out the power and got hot and when it came on I was like well im up so Ima hop on GE lol. I was boosting my sigmus xp stat and thanks to ya I was able to boost and finish it. I play night/afternoons on the weekdays and random times on weekends. So yeah that's my story..
    Ggs for this morning bud, I was having a good run with that first host. thanks for watching my back when I scraped together a thirty on docks....been over a year since I streaked that map.

    Your hosting seemed brutal for both of us though, neither of us seemed as happy with it.

    take care
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