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  • Hey there, baldbull. Wanted for formally invite you to Ninstation. I'm sure you've noticed that not many people come to WiiChat since the admin abandoned it in Feb and most the mods left since then. A lot of former WiiChat members moved over to Ninstation. You should check it out sometime.

    You will probably have some loyal people here who will say immature things about all this. At a minimum, I invite you to read the following link, ask questions here, and then decide for yourself what you'd like to do. Good luck!
    hi, i'm leaving all my data so we can play online, see ya!
    Wii Nick: Snake
    wii Code: 4649-4920-6318-2825
    Mario Kart Wii: 2492-9592-8121 // Sebas
    SSBB: 4511-6019-5552 // Sebas
    Mario Strikers: 296541-567878 // Sebas
    yeah, once u learn how to really play, it's like riding a bike. I'm really good now, I'm like 53 or 54 on CoD. I played it on XBox at my girlfriends house, and it's the best thing ever. Zombie Mode is Amazing. Also, I haven't been home for a few days, so If your on tonight around 9 or 10, I'll be on SSBB and CoD.
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