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    Fifa 09

    Anyone wanna play some soccer?
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    How many have put away Mario Galaxy and jumped to SSBB

    amen to that.......put Galaxy down for Star Wars - the complete saga and now SW goes down for some SSBB
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    1st South Atlantic Tournament

    sign me up Red Meta Knight Name = BAMA CODE = 5155 - 2593 - 8058
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    Official 'I have Brawl' Thread

    I got mine this morning @ 900 @ our local game stop!! And then I went back @ 200 for the tourney!......made it to the round of 16 but lost..... GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!
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    Official 'I have Brawl' Thread

    I have mine reserved @ my GameStop and they are going to open @ 9:00 AM. They are also hosting a tournament!! I am not sure if I want to stick around for the tournament or get home ASAP to play it.
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    Good online games for the wii?

    Mario Strikers Charged is a great online game.
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    Merry Brawl Eve!

    been playing SSB on the 64 most of the day to get ready!!
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    Brawl Countdown Timer

    less than 24 hours!! boy am I glad I prepaid!! 100 posts!!! Yeah!!!
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    SSBB or Mario Kart?

    it will be hard to drop 100.00 for both games.........but these will be 2 games that will be played over and over for a long time
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    Your character on Mario Kart Wii?

    Mario.........gotta be Mario........
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    Mario Kart looking and sounding disapointing

    totally disagree..........just read over the writeup in this months NP mag and I really think MK wii is going to rock.....
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    Midnight Launch Ideas Needed!

    dont forget drinks.... how about giving used GBA games as door prizes......they fit right in the DS...
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    64 - Super Smash Bros

    In honor of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl coming out tomorrow.........I decided to hook up my 64 and wear out Super Smash Bros I just beat the "hand" with Mario.......
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    Longest winning streak online

    I think I won 10 in a row at one point during the holidays
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    Looking for charged opponents

    friend code below in my sig... PM me your code