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  • I posted before I checked the Sign up so i'm gonna see if I can get anyone to ask how I got there. If not I'll edit the post.
    Hey Bayne. I wanted to ask, am I going too over the top with my guys power? And why does lastwords say he takes hits but never shows any damage or fatigue?
    Long time no see man. Check the Sing up to see that Iedited my character & to talk a little.
    Done. read it, see if you approve. And his medium wont be abused. It basicaly is used to make music with no instrements, and his songs can do various things. I wont over power it though.
    i was going to leave your guy alone in case you had something planned but since you said i could...

    bring it!
    Yeah I wanna join 2nd chance, but what does the "" mean? And the median is like a real world item, that you can use to conduct a type of magic? is it seen by the living & the players?
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