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  • hey i know u dont know me but do u think i could join your clan because i am looking for and my kdr is 1.45 but i wont be able to get on the wii for a while my wireless isnt working :(
    So if anyone wants to join my clan just send me a private message and I will get back to u. I will also be starting a clan for the new black ops if any one is interested
    Hey guys I got a new friend code. 3463-5814-8789. I am going to need everyones friend code again. Don't mind the rank my Kdr is still over 2.00. Lol
    hey everybody. so i wont be starting my clan yet because my wii crapped out on me. it wont play any wii games. i have to send it off to get fixed and thats going to take a while
    Hey everyone i am starting a clan of 10 ppl. u have to have a 1.50 kdr or higher. and you need to have a win loss ratio of 1.00 or higher.
    come join GS we have 30 members are are growing bigger everyday we have NO requirments to join we are a mwr clan
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