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  • Just... I don't even care any more! If you don't want to go on MK then I will not have any reason to myself. All the game does is frustrate you.
    You haven't been on mario kart for days and you haven't even been on the forums to check when to play!!!!
    Never, ever, ever play rainbow road with manual drift in a kart. Why not? Because IT'S ****ING FUXKING ****ING ANNOYING THE STUPID GAME IS A ****ING PIECE OF **** AND I HATE IT SO NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER DO THAT OK???!!!!

    Right, now I am out of my stress, let's get down to a plan with when to play together next. Would 4:40 your time work? Because school is back for me now and you could not go on at half term :(
    Um... 5:40? I get up at 7:15, sometimes I even get yelled at for staying in bed until 7:25. And, it is also half term, and just wondering, how come you are allowed to go on the computer after breakfast? I'm not.
    How did you post that at 5:06 AM my time? You get up at 6:00 your time and go on the forums?!
    How come you were able to go on after school when you can't go on now? I haven't seen you on Mario Kart.
    But it's half term?... maybe not in your country, it is for me. I do have homework though, most of which I will start tomorrow. Anyway, I have been using the mini turbo, and I love the orange, more powerful ones. Sometimes I get annoyed at how on DK's snowboard cross you can use the hop to jump off the cliff and miss the corner, when I have tried and failed many times. Suppose I need some more experience. Also, I may not be on as much, because I will be playing my new game I got, Mario galaxy. This doesn't mean I won't play though.
    I kmow why you are better, it's because you use manual drift. It can be very useful, since you get mini-turbos and go faster, and I can't catch you up. I have started using it now, and I am practising... I won't lose next time! :D
    I just added my year 5 friend adam who lives very near me. He is trying to add me, but he has said my code doesn't work O_O I wonder why?
    Funnier? You mean the people with names made up of unknown symbols that mean nothing to us? I see what you mean... and it's funny seeing people doing really bad on the races... lol
    Why don't you ever do continental races? I find that they are better because there aren't as many problems.
    Aw, I got mine last Christmas mostly because I absolutely HAD to have that Zelda WW special edition WiiU lmao
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