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  • Hey betoski10, I also play Goldeneye007 and I wanted you to private message me your FC. and I will give you mine. Thanks Hope you add me
    Copied from my account chatbox. - Hopefully someone will read this, and listen. I have something to say. Im 14 years old now and I have a new WiiChat account.The username is "Rixel" so go check it out! It's me*:)
    Mirrai Nikki, is definitly a good anime, it's similar to death note in some ways, but it's kinda strange. First of all, everyone is playing in a survival game to become god, and they all have the abillity to predict one aspect of the futere, they have to use that ability along with intelligence and creativity to gain the upper hand over everyone else playing the game, that way they can become god and achieve all their goals. I think it's only about 30 episodes, can't remember.
    Strange combination, Nintendo and death note that is, then again I can't be one to judge considering I'm a big fan of Mirai Nikki.
    hay i herd u play GE if i could get your FC and ill give u mine and my in the game name is big foot 88 thx
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