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  • A ur in the KILLER CREW cuz in my pro u post a clan called umm NF I think well Wat ever could I delete it
    kc|bird u called me & my clan out 4 a battle,u couldnt handle me i made u quit on battle field BLOC.in case u dont remember im HeRO VeNOM
    oh when when we meet its when we meet ,i dont like setting up date LOL. thats 4 fruit loops
    yeah i havent been on the forum in a while and i've kinda been sucking at cod these past 2 weeks anyways just finally getting around to coming on wiichat
    Dude the battle is this Saturday 18 at like 2 00 pm and 2morrow and friday KC]Florida going 2 host a practice match 4 ppl join lets help the guys out cuz We are like the KC elite lol check the forums on the site when it says TEAM FA THA BATTLE lol
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