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  • hey whats up buddie omg dude i havent got online since who knows when :( i had to go to summer skol :( it sucked and i dont have internet im using my cuzins internet but i might get internet its cuz my house is like a dead zone lol hopefully ill get it well buddie if i get internet in my house or maybe i can stay at my cuzins house so play online will hope to talk to u soon buddie!!!!and yea i want some tacos!!!:)
    Any body need or want another clan Gs is open were growing by day and have more than ten members already some jus havent signed in on the site yet we kick ass and knw alot of glitches heres my fc 480874639633 and heres our web page if u wanna join jus pm me
    Lol xD
    Yeah of course. Been busy with my mkw clan and such.
    Btw that Erin friend of yours.
    I kinda hurt his pitiful feelings Lmfao. He's a pathetic idiot if you seen him on youtube.
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