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  • :yikes:No way!!Sigh you have to taste one sometime.There good for bacon lovers.Well now you know what to order when you go to wendys.(When you see one)
    A bacon lover can not live without a baconator.Have you tasted one?
    Good to know and i really want to brawl you but i always get disconnected when i try to join.Dont know why.:(
    Am i in the Clan sho?Just wondering because if im not i would like to be in it.
    *sigh* My son is banned from WiiChat... There is nothing I could do.:( Hes actually my cousin... Hes gone and sad, if he can't go back then neither am I.:(

    Farewell my good friend 'til we meet again:(

    Yours truly,

    KingBowser King of Koopas
    3 new administrators have been hired to look after WiiChat. Th site's getting an overhaul.
    I went to the website gamers wanted i think and i registered.But,the annoying thing is on my screen everything is in spanish.Its a pain in the ass.Do you know how to fix it?
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