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  • Hey Birdmaster if you ever come online and see this, hit me up and we talk as we haven't talked in a LOOOOOOOONG time!
    Left. =/ Wiichat's losing it's grace, and everyone's leaving to greater and better forums... Those forums would be nothing compared to Wiichat 1.5 years ago, and long before that too... =(

    You think I'd quit Brawl already? XD Hell no.

    You've got no online? o.o Why?

    Speaking of that, same for me... During the week, anyways. Gotta ship out somewhere every late sunday, then I get the chance to return friday/early saturday for the weekends... Life a *****, but hey, where am I to complain? :lol: Not like I'm homeless and on the streets.
    Oops...i forgot all about saying happy new year to you..:/. Well HAPPY NEW YEAR!:p.
    I have been... good. For once, thanks to christmas vacation. :D You?

    And ofcourse, HAPPY NEW YEAR! =D
    Well its not mine..XD..i just felt like showing you this pic for some reason.

    Merry Fucking Christmas Bud.
    Hey, merry christmas to you too.:). My mom went to new york city yesterday and got my two of them.:).


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