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  • k buddie it was great talkin with u buddie and merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    dude those guys r awsome!!!!!!!!!!!dude do u know aniki he was the best link in melee he even beat ken u shuld look c it in youtube!!!!!!and yea m2ks metakinght is epic!!
    no promblm buddie lol and dont worry i mail u some good tacos 4m mexico lol hey sho have u heard of m2k and ken they r really good smash players
    i knew it had be the bacon lol i eat tacos but they dont always work well it does make go to the restroom alot lol but4m now on ill shall eat bacon!!!!:)yea buddie i hope that day comes real soon if:) and if it dosent ill will mail u a router :) or internet somehow
    he is a really good brawler. we had ffa's last week, and his DDD is just epic! xD thanks bud, and good luck with su and theenders! :yesnod:
    yea she has been accusing ppl of being a mod and this and that , i really dont know y she is accusing ppl:(,r serious !!!!that is awsome u r talented buddie :),me i have to practice if not i get super rusty lol and i never got really serious with smash till brawl came out i like melee alot but i never went to tourneys or i never knew there was tourneys lol
    Thanks for understanding man, it's hard sometimes. People do this, and there's nothing I can do about it but just move on. I don't dis-like her for anyway, I'd just wish she would be more open. I still feel horrible inside for being the problem, but it happens. :/ I gave up BOA some time ago, I just can't manage the time on it no more. I am about to join TA, and if you guys get TheEnders back and running, I'd be happy to be a full-member for you guys! :) Then again, if KCKAS doesn't want me to, just for the sake of you guys, I'll stay out. Do you think she'll be back?
    yea she has been saying been saying that but i dont believe her she even thought i was dg one time cuz i changed my name to linkx to flufy she evn told me if knew where dg lived, u dont play offline then how r u so good at that game and with all the characters too?! what is ur secret?....is it!...the ...BACON!!!!!!!!!!!
    aw man, it was down-hill everywhere. i got the message she sent king bowser and them about why she was leaving. she hates me because she thinks im going to hack everyone, and that im a liar, and just.. everything! it's very crazy, and i was going too get her at one point, but i just dropped it. sorry that you got involved in it :( that's why i fear brawling you one day, because she'll think something is up, or she will come and she will see me, and it's go time xDD but, it's hard telling her the truth when she doesn't want to listen. and the whole clan thing pissed her off to. :(
    yea its been boring too me and su play 50stk against 2 computers but it just isnt the same and i hate the damn computers they start to mock u :( they hurt my feelings lol,but r u atleast playing brawl offline?
    sho!!!!!yea buddie its been to long :( yea i have been imporving i learned how to do the dash attack cancel with link it is awsome oh yea and the potions i think i used them all cuz i have been using di skills i can live till 174%or 200% its insane but then eventually idie lol when r u gona get back on brawl buddie?
    Ah the nuts4Nuts...i miss that too..Brings back very good times..my friend count is one away from yours now.:lol:.Im getting there though. Hows the big apple?
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