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  • hey im an [IB] member if ur stilll in a cod4 clan or lead 1 then we r interested in facing ur clan tlk to our leader tianwulf hes on my profile friends. if u r interested let him know
    hey blackhawk1,
    Im a little boy lvl 45
    kill death ratio 1.18
    kill streak 22
    weapon M16 and desert eagle
    looking for a clan

    FC: 435238345032
    Hey dude, hope you get this, but MysticPez sended me a invite for our clan. He gave me his stats. Check my profile for more.
    I saw the website, and I joined. However, right now, I am using my iPod touch, so I will not be able to become a full member till tomorrow. Oh, and uh.... Great game. Wasn't exactely happy with the grenade launcher.
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