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  • Woah woah woah, I'm sorry, who are you?
    My popularity is growing as fast as swine flu
    And if anything you're the illness itself, but no I don't hate
    Just contemplate, mate, how much you want to tempt fate
    To go the wrong way, 'cause I think you've misinterpretated
    memories of you have gone - now your ego should be deflated
    (but naw seriously, where have you been, come back kthxbye
    and i forgot the link to your forum thus why i haven't popped by)
    Hey man, noticed you stopping by Ninstation.com off and on. Don't be a stranger... miss your posts! :)
    Ahh okay don't worry about me, I'll be there. Wats 8pm in Australia time I wonder??? 11 am... Monday... ****... can we push it back to 10 pm??
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