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  • Depends. Idk what's gonna happen after school for me, so if it's early afternoon I might not be able to make it. later in the day, however, I should be fine
    lvl 47 in 3 days and you xp ends with a 4. I don't know anyone who averages over 23,000 xp per hour.
    Sorry man, I had to delete you, nothing personal but I don't want any xp boosters on my friends list. it's just kind of a rule I made for myself when I was friends with a booster. He invited me to a boosted game in the last few seconds and I almost got a boosted xp as well and I am trying to play 100% legit. I'm sure I'll play with you with WC guys anyway. Please don't hate me again nothing personal.
    I'm going on now for a while if your still up for it. Not sure if I suck today or not. I guess we will find out. ps (2hours later) I was tearing it up for about 5 games then I guess I hit the suck button. Not sure if I have you in my friend list ad me I will add you too.
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