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  • Beautiful work of art, ain't it? :lol: Someone sent that to me only 'bout a month or two ago actually.

    Once ya link me, I'll get right on resizin' the avatar.
    Completely forgot 'bout resizin' your avatar, sorry bro. ._.; After resize, it's still thrice the avatar size limit. Even if I cut it down to be within the limit, it'd be a lot worse than just choppy. Doesn't look like it's gonna work. =/

    Your current avatar would certainly work, though.
    I don't understand how anyone can stay active on a forum via a phone... Bloody pain in the ass to type anythin'.

    I s'pose that means I'll need to upload the resized avatar to somewhere, so tell me where ever ya want it.
    If an avatar needs to be sized down, the .gif breaks for some odd reason 'n only the first frame is used. I don't have a clue why it works in such a stupid way, but... yeah. Resizing the .gif is the only way I know of to get past the issue.

    If ya don't know how to use GIMP, I'd be happy to resize it for ya.

    I apologize for the lateness.... ._.
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