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  • Lol many Wii U games have voicechat online...
    Both Assassins Creed games, both Call of Duty games, Splinter Cell Blacklist and maybe some more I don't know about yet.
    You can use the Gamepad mic, which works just fine (although it isn't compatible with CoD games for some reason), but you could also buy the
    Wii U version of the Tritton Kunai, which I did. It works really well and I fits nice on your ears. It's also pretty flexible and has a detachable mic.
    If you prefer headsets which fit over your ears, you could also buy the Wii U TurtleBeach N11. I think they're a little heavier and a little more expensive as well, but I'm sure they are comfy around your ears.
    Oh and you can also just use your iPhone earplugs, if you have those with the mic on them.
    Sorry I tend to overlook my notifications so I didn't notice you sent me a visitor message.
    Sooo... You should definitely give Monster Hunter a chance. It's so much fun, especially with voice chat 'n stuff.
    Many people have spend more than 200 hours on it and they don't call themselves pro yet.
    You can spend so much time on it enjoying every single thing :)
    Cool, I might get it as soon as I get the 3DS for SSB4.
    If the 3DS gets a Smash Bros version at the release I'm 100% sure that I'll buy one :D
    Beautiful, ain't it? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    But I'm the one who made it. ;D ... I wish.

    Friend of mine linked me to that only 'bout a week or two ago, actually. Lol'd so damn hard.
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