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  • Is it 4857-4806-4603 ? I prefer to have the FC on my page for easy viewing.

    Yes, I've seen many of your old posts back then. Usually seniors don't return to the site.

    I'd like to brawl you in Project M first, since that's what I've been recently playing.
    My Brawl friend code is 2322-9937-7809.

    Are you going to be active? Tell me your code after you've added me.
    Only I have the right to use Godot imagery. You can use someone else.... like Larry. Or hobo Phoenix.

    You do not know how to count
    Stop changing the count
    Your theory of subtracting the post number by a million is wrong
    The first post was a million
    if your theories were used from the start then the first post would be 999,999

    You are not the only person who can do math on WiiChat
    Learn from the experts

    and subtract the post count by 1,000,001

    THE MASTER OF THE COUNT (down from a million) HAS SPOKEN!!!

    for more information click the link below
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