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  • Pras, goodness it's been such a long time since we've been able to bask in your presence.
    Miss this bloke...
    Hey Pras, if you see this, add me on Skype
    Thanks man, I appreciate it. And yes, I am very grateful for having him as my teacher, haha.

    Great plan man, I wish you the best as well. Also, now that you're done with Uni.. does this mean you'll be able to get back into martial arts as well?
    That is excellent news! Congratulations man. :)

    Things have been great over here, My sister finally gets married this coming Saturday.

    I've already joined a Wing Chun school where they also teach Wushu Style Tai Chi, and Fu Style Bagua. So far I've been attending it for a week and making some good progress, i have to study it more at home and purchase different clothing to help with the practice. My teacher who trained under Kenneth Chung (Yip Man student, and trained with Bruce Lee) is very nice, guess I got lucky with him but he travels all over the world so he's not there all the time. But, it's better than nothing, hah.

    What will you do now that you're finished with Uni?
    Hi there everyone I'm looking for friends on ac for my girlfriend as she has no mates that have it yet so if anyone can help would be very grateful
    Town name; K-town
    Name; Kaylee
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