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  • Yeah. My buddy and I were going just to do something since he got free tix from work and it was really great. The crowd was small but electric.
    How bout you? Big on hockey?
    Peachy. Saw my first hockey game a week or so ago. It won so hard.
    I lold because I saw my rediculasly old doctor there wearing a heavy metal jersey and chain jeans. o_O
    MATE! Been a while eh? How's school? Bet it's wonderfull...
    "He said reluctantly"
    Indeed it does, man. Ah well, the break was good while it lasted eh? By the way, is this your final year in college?
    Oh, well y'know... everything feels sooo... March 2008. :lol: But good nonetheless.

    Aha, how are things with you, bud?
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