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    hey hey hi! hope to get a Wii U soon!!

    hey hey hi! hope to get a Wii U soon!!
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    underrated/ obcsure wii games?

    For anyone still wondering: Blastworks Build Trade and Destroy Boom Blox Bash Party and you wanna talk about some real underrated/obscure games? Get yourself some Wiiware games like: World of Goo Art Of Balance Cave Story Lost Winds etc.
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    The Goldeneye Remake WILL Fail

    My point still stands whether you troll it or not and judging by your attempt to knock me down it proves you understood that my point is real and will work. THIS HAS NOTHING to do with whether they will be disapointed or not, thanks for proving my point.
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    My own E3 Nintendo thoughts

    No lack of colors. The graphics are vibrant and can even rival the 360. My friend played with the 3DS and wont shut up about how awesome it is and how natural the 3D looks.
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    The Goldeneye Remake WILL Fail

    WOW! So many lame posts me don't know where to start. Ok this one takes the cake: Please take a business class sir! That's EXACTLY why Nintendo decided to publish this game! This game is more about selling CONSOLES that actual Goldeneye software, although the strategy will work...
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    E3 awesome games that they show

    "ROFL" Kirby Epic Yarn IS awesome. Hate to break it to you but the people who actually ATTENDED E3 reported back that it was one of the best games they PLAYED in the ENTIRE show. Sorry bud.
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    Possible more Zelda info?

    I told EVERYONE it wouldn't take place in the future, no one wants to listen.
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    Possible more Zelda info?

    sigh... THAT was a fanmade zelda idea that went waaay too far. It even inspired IGN to make a bogus Zelda podcast. Explaining that it would be in the future. Everything that one fan made up never died. Everyone liked the idea and it has sparked rumors for years. I appreciate his talent and...
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    What would you like in update 4.3?

    #3 WONT happen. #4 CANT happen.
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    New Zelda Aims for Easier Controls, Big Surprises

    Hmmm. No replies yet? according to Wikipedia: "The MMC could use bank-switching, allowing larger games than had been previously possible. They also allowed for battery-powered RAM, which let players save progress for the first time on any system or game." Which confirms my statement on...
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    Where To Go With Next Zelda?

    Til this day I'm still the only dork I've ever seen quote himself.
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    New Zelda Aims for Easier Controls, Big Surprises

    I never said Zelda was an RPG. Anyways it is my understanding that Nintendo wanted to make Zelda a super long adventure, in order for them to do that they had to create a battery-backed memory device for the cartridge which would make it the first game to allow great lenght due to its ability...
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    New Zelda Aims for Easier Controls, Big Surprises

    Ooookay? What DO I have against the original Zelda?? You tell me Mr. Assumption. Also there would be no such thing as game saves or long adventure games/RPGs such as Dragon Age or any campaign mode alone.
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    Where To Go With Next Zelda?

    Remember how they surprised everyone last E3 with the "Team Ninja" logo before the Metroid trailer?? What would ya'll do if the new Zelda had the "PHILIPS" logo in the trailer?? In BIG flashy letters!! EDIT: Sorry I meant PHILIPS!!