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  • Anything that pays to sod off to America, really. My mum said she'd pay for the trip, but she always complains about debt, so I have to do most of it myself.

    I just want college to finish!
    Ahah, I'm not even that active here any more. It's just too mind numbingly dull. I think I'm just here for the thinking thread and the art thread. :p

    I aaam busy and poor. I can't wait to finish in like April.
    I need a job.

    How're you?
    I'm the head of lamination at a book publishing factory called Nationwide Learning Inc.
    lol $30 *flexes e-penor*
    Yeah I didnt get my stimulus thing last year and my state return was about $145, but I got that last week.
    Pretty meh, but that's about to turn around. I start work Monday and I get my tax return tomorow. Woo! $1300
    bah... it's been hell at home for the past two weeks... so much going on.
    maybe it's just because i have finals in march... scared.
    Hey Brandon, a few of us want to bump the draft to Sunday 8pm Eastern, how do you feel about that?
    Sup bro, I know you like baseball and all soooooo.. i setup a fantasy league for us wiichatters, just for fun...the info is in the MLB thread...hope to see you there ;)
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