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  • since april. it's the biggest reson i took a 7month hiatus from wiichat... beside getting ticked of at some things around here.

    my whole life revolves around getting a 4.0... what the hell will i do after school is over? you don't get 4.0s at work or you make enemies...
    Whats up buddy...hows it been going?

    (i see you guys have been doing major changes to this site...and rep is back?? "i dont know about that"..
    actaully school is killing me... i took too aggressive schedule for my first year of college
    i've been trying to play mario kart...
    got it for xmas, and love it. but didn't start playing it until a couple weeks ago.
    i was living-up winter break, i guess.
    Kool Avy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I <3 the New Killer's Album Day And Age
    Its gud but i dont think their best Album i think is "Hot Fuzz" but i dont kno which is better between "Day and Age" and "Sams Town" (Killers Fan)
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