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  • Well, it takes a while for new players to get the hang of it. Took me a bit. I had never played online and the last FPS I played was on the N64.

    As for proxies - they freaking rock. Just be careful on classic conflict or team conflict. They go off when you or your team mates go by.
    I work on Saturdays - it's very likely you played with my daughter and she has no clue how to play the game. She has her own ID but likes to play with mine 'cause I have all the guns. That's why I seemed off!
    That was rather fun. And it was nice when the grenade launching dipshits left. Hate those guys.
    Yeah, that guy was a work. There seems to be a lot of it these days and I tend to bail out as soon as I see them. It's no fun and I already got into two hacker lobbies that upped my XP and about five others I bailed out of. As for the Gambit w/Thermal - I dunno. Never tried it. I don't much care for the thermal scope - you can see guys behind walls and waste ammo trying to get them.

    Performance wise you seem to be doing better than I am considering you don't have an Ivana or Masterton. Seems like I've been off a bit the last few weeks. I know that Volcorona is fond of a thermal scope on the Teralite and he definitely knows his ****!
    Sorry buddy, you were playing with my girl when ya bailed outa BB and she hates Heroes. I'll play with ya another time - when she isn't part of the deal.
    That guy we were playing on BB was cheating to beat all. GOt a kill on him and then his record came up with a big ZERO for deaths. And he was getting one shot kills every time.
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