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  • Ah so it is pretty compatible with different stuff then. Good to know. I definitely plan to get the game soon so I'll let you know when I have it.
    Oh wow a Wii U game with voice chat? Are most microphones compatible with it or is there a Wii U specific one you recommend?
    Oh yeah my NNID is Groosin. I plan on adding you when I get off work. Only game we share right now is Tekken since the others excluding Monster Hunter I have on different systems.

    I've been thinking about getting Monster Hunter though. I'm surprised I haven't already since I've never given the series a try yet. Also I'll definitely be getting Mario Kart 8 and obviously both versions of Smash.
    Ooh a Smash 3DS would be awesome! If that's released I'll probably fibd myself wishing I didn't already have one lol...

    And yeah Shantae is definitely worth the four or five bucks I think it costs on the VC. I could even go as far as to say it's my favorite GBC game. The original sells on eBay for hundreds of dollars but even though I have the VC version too I just can't let it go.
    Oh sorry didn't notice your message on my profile. She's Shantae, from an indie game of the same name originally created in the last moments of GBC and miraculously was revived around eight years later in Risky's Revenge, the DSiWare sequel. Now there's a third sequel being released on 3DS in only months from now and a fourth sequel already in progress for the consoles. The GBC game was recently re-released on the 3DS Virtual Console, meaning that when the third one is release I'll be able to have all three handheld games on the same system! Woo!

    A link to a wiki page since I'm not very good at giving information about stuff:
    Your opinion on animu dubs is lacking and must be rectified. Unless that statement was sarcastic and it flew over my head.
    Gintoki is my favorite despite he being the main character
    (and the whole yorozuya for that matter)
    Madao is far up there too. Everything that happens to him is just hilarious; same with Katsura

    Hijikata and Sougo is also pretty high up there
    Also, I like Tama a lot for some reason maybe it's the video game references.

    In a top 5 list, it would be Gintoki, Hijikata, Madao, Kagura, and Sougo
    There are only 2 movies right now

    The first movie is just a retelling of a good arc (one that you see in the show itself)
    The second movie is a new story not based on any arc

    Who's your favorite character so far?
    Have you seen the 2nd movie yet or are you going to finish all the episodes before watching it?
    First and foremost, Whimsicott is a troll, its ability is even Prankster. Quite befitting for April Fools'.

    Secondly, I had to choose a specific 'mon to troll a specific someone.

    Lastly, of the least importance, I just like Whimsicott lol. Ain't ever been much for cute Pokemon, but even I can't deny the fact it's adorable.
    Assumin' you see this 'fore the day's end, don't mind the sudden shift in everyone's avatars and such... April Fools' 'n all.
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