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  • Caaaaaarliiiiittttoooooooo...long time no see bud. Hope you and family are well. Think I still have you on my GOLDEEN profile I joined Pokemon with lol. Let me know if you plan to play and i'll jump on that account to look for you. BE still plays, he just came back from MW3.

    Cya around buddy. Keep in touch :)
    cheers for games! although doing badly- i enjoyed them cheers.... sorry for not teaming up much. too drunk to think about it.
    you know how it is- oh my team... ye ill run with them.... oh look.... pretty colours lol
    hey .... i'm looking for some older friends (like myself) to add on GE .... I'm Pumpkin FC: is 3798 8313 2345 .... let me know if you add me .... see you out on the battlefield :)
    yep. sure thing. cya out there sometime. i play gg, heroes, goldeneye, and sometimes (T)L2K (both team and no team)
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