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  • i haven't replied because(
    A: i'm tired. i'll be going to bed soon
    B: i have so many posts on just that one page. i'm gonna let others get a couple posts in before i post again.
    alright, well since you chose my group i can give some help. how about your guy heard some noises, like troop movements, and followed them. he sees us at the end of the tunnel and when we charge out and attack you do as well. after the battle, my guy would confront yours about who he is and then let him join the Shadows. sound good?
    choose whichever force you want. you didn't specify in your SU so you're free to choose.
    if you choose mine then you gotta wait to post.
    if you choose lbu or Demon then ask them first if they've got any plans and if its ok if you jump in.
    yeah you'd just leave the post and when the fight is over my guy would confront you.

    if you choose to enter the battle then you'd be under the command of which force you were in. the main force currently in battle under control of Demon and lbu, or the secondary force waiting to attack under my control.
    good question. the way i see it, you got 2 options.

    1: you jump into the battle with either my force or Demon and lbu's force. if you do this then you'll have to do a little extra work on how to make it fit within what you already said. a little harder, but you get into the action now.

    2: you wait and when the attack is over and we return to the base i'll make sure to get you into the story. easier but you have to wait and miss out on a small scale war.

    its your choice though. if you pick 1, i can't really help you. if you pick 2 you miss out but i'll make sure everything goes smoothly. so its up to you.
    well at the time my guy was in a conversation so i thought another would but they ignored you and went ahead to start the attack and i just went with it.
    besides in your SU you said he was allied with the shadows so why didn't you just have him already be a part of them? one reason why i didn't break from tge conversation i was in was cause i had no idea what you were going for. your intro was just confusing. for a guy who's allied with them to just now be meeting them? i'm guessing others were confused so they just left him alone.
    Its and invitation for nurgle to attack Drake. And im sorry but i don't want drake to die here, i got other plans sorry
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