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    Spit Ya Game

    Haha, saturday morning cartoons... Well **** son, I'll tell you what's holding me back, These damn online classes makin me wanna spark some crack. Global business on my mind, this shits makin me furious, So sorry if I trail off cause im feelin a bit delirious. I've got the organizational skills...
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    Spit Ya Game

    ****, this thread was active again and I missed it? I wanted to try and throw a verse down but I'm not coming up with ****, school stuff is cloggin up my mind, can't think of anything to freestyle about. Anyone wanna give me a theme?
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    New Site!

    Just to let you guys know this thread had nothing to do with sremick, he doesn't tell people to go and advertise his site like this. He also knows wiichat is not going to die now that it's got some admins and such.
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    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is now freeware If anyone liked Morrowind or Oblivion this games seems like it is definitely worth checking out. It features a gigantic map which is supposedly over 62,000 square miles. Installation instructions are included in the article(you'll need a DOS...
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    Rate the last movie you saw

    LOL the dick flopping around was a bit unnecessary. Although I have to admit the context which it was shown was hillarious. Doesn't seem like he could have done too much more with the camping without getting his ass kicked. And the wrestling match was funny just because of all the people's...
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    Whatcha bin buyin

    $6? Aren't they only $1? -$10 Carwash -$30 Oblivion GOTY Edition -$6 McDonald's angus mushroom and swiss burger meal
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    Rate the last movie you saw

    Did you not like it?
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    What's the worst thing you've done?

    Meh, I wouldn't consider that a bad thing to do. You got jumped and you defended yourself. Can't think of anything particularly nasty right now that I've done. Probably something to my brother. I cracked his head open on a brick fireplace mantle once but I'm pretty sure that was an accident.
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    Rate the last movie you saw

    Bruno - 9/10 One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because it is just disgusting at some points.
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    Interesting Facts About Yourself

    I have arms.
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    3 Boxes Problem

    Took me a little while to get this but it actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it... You're basically betting on the fact that you guessed wrong in the first place, which is a 2/3 chance.
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    Oh definitely. Judging by some of his comments I've seen on here he's probably extremely sheltered.
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    I have one friend who is bipolar. Turned that way after a 4 or so day coke binge with some mushrooms in the middle of it. He's manic a lot more than he is depressed though. He basically just never stops talking, I've never seen him encounter mood swings. It's a shame that he is nothing like he...
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    WiiChat's First Annual Confederate States' Convention

    d00d h3 iz juz uzin intraweb ling0 itz da hip ting ta do!
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    More Random ****

    Oh, that's weird. I guess some people just really didn't like Pepsi?