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  • Hi! It's great to have you back. :) Some things have changed. I gave up my position a month ago to Sev (apGE). I'm sure she'll welcome you back, as well. Just chat with her about it. :)
    Hey, im from E7, im probably new to you, but I've been there awhile now. I already added your FC, so please add mine on the E7 page, im on the grid. Thanks
    hey Civany i been online... just on weir hours probably body...i be back online sunday afternoon, at 4pm here in virginia dont know what time its on ur place... hope to see u soon body
    Chris we have a war this sunday at 9pm est. Do you think you can make it? Let me know.
    Ok Chris you should have gotten an invite into the E7 group, let me know if hou didn't. Also you can put the E7 tag in your name whenever you want cuz ur in the clan.
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