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  • my new clan is ipen ill have to test you first but give me ur fc and ill c if you can join if not then ill get one of my drill sergeants to teach you for a week or one day then test you again
    for those who wanted me to add tehm on MWR i now have it back so leave fcs in my guest chat :)
    Hey, do you think I can join? My friend code is 375629374864, I'm a 2nd prestige, level 40.
    Dear reader,
    I play cod4 & joined your group and am interested in starting a team with you and the other members of your group. please reply if you can and I will get back to you asap
    -MCsplash aka [AGC]shotgun
    nice the NF clan has about 60 or 80 lol they are now a noobclan lol the leader of the clan went from KC to NF to aB which only has 20 people in it lol im in a new clan now thinking bout going solo. lol i know every RPG glitch in mwr and every Eleveator G1!TCH so if anyone wants to learn glitches tell me i had a site for glitches but i mad that one into another site but ill put it back to glithing if 10 or more people pm me telling me to be a glitch teacher for bo and mwr.. once i get waw ill need u to tell me glitches.
    i no hundreds of glitches 4 WAW, havent played MWR much but i do hav it. i also have bout 5 other really good shooting games, i have more shootin games but there not as good as COD games, COD games r the sh!t
    i no spots/glitchs that iv personaly played n & got over 20 kills with ZERO (0) deaths :p
    whats up. im [GM] on black ops, we gota clan called Glitch master & we sho glitches 2 every1. i know bout 5 glitches so far 4 BO & bout 100 spots. YES, i get bord & play 4 hours on private & look 4 spots :p
    sgt rex ill add you once i get my game back ull probably be the first to play with me btw my fc is 5359-4021-2767
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