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    Add Three Words

    with Large Fries
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    Are you losing Faith In the Wii-mote and how most games are contolled?

    Loose faith in developers not the Wii! It ain;t Ninties fault that dother developpers are severely un-skilled or incompetant
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    Mario Kart. Wiimote or classic controller or Wheel. What do you perfer?

    Plus the Singular Wii remote Plus the GameCube Controller/WaveBird
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    the "have you ever" game

    Drainage pipe yeh but not the sewers. Have you ever thought 'why can't aussie's get Brawl?'
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    Mario Kart. Wiimote or classic controller or Wheel. What do you perfer?

    Out of all of them i'd use classic or GameCube for competition however for playing friends and mucking around definately use the wii remote/wii wheel
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    The Lag is starting to fade

    I wish i had Lag! I also wish i had Brawl! I'm in Aus!!!
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    Mercury Meltdown Revolution

    If your too cheap this game defineatily worth the rent, and it is well adictive and heaps fun
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    Lost Season 4

    I hear ya, Amen to that Brother^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Sprayed my controller!

    Hey, that clear controller does it have a clear backing?
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    Wii Pay and Play : Clever Move By Nintendo?

    I seriously would pay for a better online experience, although i do love the current online apps
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    Recent Purchases Not Rents U Regret Buying for Wii

    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent It's like playing a ****ing PlayStation game, controls are ****ed.
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    Have YOU dropped you wii yet?

    O Times If i had a Corded GameCube Controller I garauntee it would have fallen over many times, luckily i have a WaveBird!
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    What is the longest time you've played your Wii?

    None Stop: 8-9 Hours Most hours in a single Day: 14 Hours:lol:
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    STUCK ON METROID!!! Please help!

    Scan everything read it, dont use walkthroughs