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    Official Photo Album

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    Official Photo Album

    Alcohol fuelled Halloween. This was last night btw. I didn't just go out and come home quickly to upload these.
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    Going out as (a rather shitty) Evel Knievel. Going out tonight to a club then I'm going out tomorrow to a house party and general cutting aboutness. :)
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    Official Photo Album

    Man up
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    Last Text Message You Recieved

    @storm God that's sickening. Do you have friends that aren't riding your ass or are you a chicks before dicks man. Mines: Susan Boyle has a photo shoot tomorrow for her new album. Simon Cowell wishes to improve her image by surrounding her with proper ugly bastards. The bus will pick you up at...
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    Last Text Message You Recieved

    Hi guys, me linsey and kirstie are going to word up 2moro nite since linsey is finally 18! lol. Any of uz fancy it? Jimmy before for a few?xx Complete with original format and everything. :)
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    What are you listening to??

    Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
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    how much would i get for this?

    About $600
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    When was the Last time you played your Wii?

    About a year ago.
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    What are you listening to??

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    Whats your favorite band?

    Incubus. Favourite song is one of these. Just a Phase Idiot Box Here in My Room Warning Redefine Stellar
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    Last Text Message You Recieved

    Might as well put something here. Nothing x I didnt know what one to get on. Aw u not going oot tonight :( I'm in a pickle fs. Pretty weird text tbh.
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    My new teacher is named.....

    In primary school I had teachers called Mrs Bonnar (pronounced boner) and Mrs Dick. My current university lecturers are called Babakalli Alkali, Apoc Roy, Hernando Fernandez, Zoltan Zeina. Oh and Elaine Smith.
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    Whatcha bin buyin

    Backspacer - £8.99 China Buffet King meal and a bottle of beer - £7
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    What are you listening to??

    Hate to be "that guy" but it's called "I'm Gonna Be (500 miles)" Big Pun feat. Incubus - Still Not a Player