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  • Well they had 2 matchs.One cm punk won.Not really because undertaker didnt tap but the ref said he did.Then a HELL IN A CELL match and undertaker won.
    All these new guest hosts.John morrison new intercontinental champ.Undertaker vs CMpunk for world championship.So much more.
    Well they did get back together and made fun of Mr.Mcmahon.Now there in a fight with legacy.
    Haha...thats for sure. Sorry i havent been able to respond. Ive been real busy and havent been able to come to this site often at all.

    I think Triple H and Shawn Michaels are getting back together again right? to make fun of vince mcmahon?
    Hey man its good, hows things with you?

    All of this was not planned, WiiChat just crashed and things got deleted. Any changes done are done by i0n now, we're all along for the ride now.
    Ahhh... Yes... *RRRAAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEE, super golden hair*
    To be honest I stopped understanding Dragon Ball after the whole Saiyan thing. I always thought it was supposed to be a spin on Journey to the West. Instead it became like, OMFG Golden Haired Space Monkeys, which is plenty entertaining in it's own right.

    I'm going MECHA batshit insane. Seems like every show I watch is mecha now.
    Been on an anime high. It doesn't look like it's stopping soon either. Perhaps Neon Genesis was just THAT scarring(a majority of the time I'm just repeating that show).
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