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    Do you guys get this problem on your Goldeneye copy?

    Are you sure? I just went to a store and tried the demo Wii and I can still see the lines (though its harder cause its a smaller T.V) I'm beginning to think it's just how the Wii works.
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    Do you guys get this problem on your Goldeneye copy?

    It's a 32" Dynex lcd tv. I tried it on another T.V of a different brand and I can still see the lines. Can any of you who has Goldeneye tell me if you can see the lines too? They are most noticeable for me in that game if you run up to a texture on the wall and move left or right, but I still...
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    Do you guys get this problem on your Goldeneye copy?

    no no those lines (the vertical ones) are on the screen ALL the time, its just most noticeable on the menu screens and if i look close up to a wall or something
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    Do you guys get this problem on your Goldeneye copy?

    I get these lines going across my display. I can't figure out why. I THINK I can see them in other games but figured it may be helpful to ask if you guys can see them. I don't want to send my Wii to Nintendo to find out nothing is wrong with my Wii and it's just a graphic limitation causing this...
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    Black lines flipping through my picture

    try holding the video cables in place while you have the problem if that doesnt work i would try another t.v
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    Black lines flipping through my picture

    Did you recently update the Wii? I did and I've been getting vertical lines across my screen, not black though.
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    The Gamecube and Unfairness

    I don't think even 95% of you have real ADHD. I've seen kids with real ADHD they are obnoxious and keep touching stuff and literally twitch. I see kids be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD just because they are bored with their classes at school. It's not the kid's faults that the teachers are BORING.
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    Samurai warriors 3 fc needed

    hey are you still looking for someone to play with? I love that game.
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    Anyone here play Samurai Warriors 3?

    I'm trying to finish nightmare mode in murasame castle
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    Does anyone like Wii better than Kinect?

    I think they are already too late. Nintendo is going to come out with something new and then everyone's going to forget about Kinect and its 2 games.
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    Frustrating Drive Issue!!!

    Sometimes your Wii might have a fault then a game like Goldeneye really pushes it then it finally gives. I remember when I had a Gamecube I played phantasy star online so much my Gamecube broke. I got it replaced twice before I finally got one that wouldn't break from my marathons. It still...
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    flashlights are the new wii sensor bars?

    well you could still play classic controller compatible games, since you can just select stuff with that controller... but i dont think a new sensor bar is expensive at all
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    Probability that an update will arrive to support 720P ?

    I think it strains the system to output higher resolutions. Try to play a PC game at 640x480 and compare the FPS with playing it at 1280x1024
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    Vertical Lines Along Display

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone was having a similar problem. I noticed when playing Goldeneye, these vertical lines are prominent (I had to increase brightness to show the lines clearly on a monitor) In other games they are barely noticeable but they are still...