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  • You can't post on most forums until you get an e-mail to confirm your account activation, it's to prevent spam. Everyone who already got the e-mail when they first registered (like you) can post, but no new members can 'till they get the e-mail. This weird glitch prevents that e-mail from gettin' sent to new members, which means they can never post... Sad, ain't it?

    Word man, I love me some online multiplayer games. My friends ain't close by where I live (I'm out in the middle of nowhere) so online lets us game together more often.

    lol @ Tauros car
    btw what guy are you talking about that you say is gonna ban you for the excessive cussing? O___O
    CA is a purdy ****ing state man. Of course all states/countries have tharr purdy areas and beyond ****ed areas.
    Ya jnust gotta look/choose wisely. Sorry about that powercord and or HD prob ya got dude. Though not to be a mood killer or w/e but my bet is that the HD itself is fried.

    I'll give you my cell number in about 3-4 days because I'm waiting on my new SIM card to arrive via mail (because i too had electronic **** ups within the past week LOL) that way we can plan ahead of time when to play/meet up.
    broken wii lol well **** man you beast to much on COD MW3 what the **** do ya expect son.
    **** happens I guess but careful about that "strippers" might give you STDs (though you look like ya got em already lol)

    Btw what new glitches have you found on MW3 that ARE NOT patched? or have you just been using mod menus? <_<
    i'd lik 2 hav a mw3 buddy 2 help me find glitchs. if u'd do tht with me tht'd b ausome... now tht u mention it, i jst rememberd a couple glitchs i havnt fig out yet.
    Alright dude I just re added you're wii code like RIGHT NOW here is mine just in case you need it 3169-3246-9808-6075 hopefully it goes through that way we can message each other via wii message board and ****. So your still playing black ops wii eh? Yeah same I mean mw3 is cool and all but it pisses me off that mw3 doesn't have that cool diving move and a bunch of other little ****.

    Lets game soon man some SnD or TDM **** even some FFA
    Man I already added you like ****ing forever ago and you accepted BUUT..YOU ARE NEVER ON MW3 WII!
    Btw have you restarted the GM clan on mw3?
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