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  • OMG. ur vid u sent me dont work. jst fukin tell me... my mw3 code is 4164-4070-9630... and u r NOT n my wii address book... lol my 2nd match i went 29 & 2 lol 29 kills 2 deaths... without makin a class yet
    No, we should still be added on the wii to message eachother. Speaking about that I sent you a ****ing wii message and no reply from you ass hole mother ****er lol. Well I don't know my mw3 ally code but I'll get on right now and get it alright?

    I'll also check out that youtube channel of yours well peace bro.
    my name on youtube danielherron57. or type up 1988 supra turbo project cars... :p there already done. ima meke day 3 2day :p there badass cars
    did we delete eachother from wii? i dont remember... but anyways. ya, i got mw3 also. ya, lets play 2gether. i'll get my code 4 u, whats urz
    wanna play conduit together in 20 minutes Ill be using my head set so u use urs k?
    i usally play saturday also ill be playing conduit saturday wats ur code again
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