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  • Hey I was wondering where I could make a suggestion for the Wii shop channel. I just want to ask if its possible to get the new Cod4 maps on the Wii version through the shop channel because other consoles can so why shouldn't Wii users? So if you could tell me where I could suggest this or if you could say if its possible or not, it would be great.
    Heya dascrow. I'm sure you're expecting me to ask you for a favor or something since you're admin...but instead I just want to ask how you're doing! I'm an admin on a couple of forums and I know it's nice to just chat with the members sometimes without worrying about doing them any favors so...how are you good sir?
    About that auto thread lock I keep going on about
    Wanna see the proof that its a good idea?
    Check the gaming sections when theres a spamer on
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