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  • hey admin i was thinking if a animal crossing city folk forum can be made i mean we have one all about brawl why not city folk?
    could you ban/delete the user by the name wholesale1?

    obvious reason, he's just spamming up the site with threads advertising some shopping site and nothing else.
    Can I get that thing on my username again? The one where it was orange colored, with a pencil/paper by it? (Since I'm your awesome WiiChat writer?) :)
    Any chance we can get the old auto thread lock back on?(think the last one was for six months)
    Im seeing a lot of years old threads getting bumped up
    Can you put some kinda of word censer/autoban on anyone that uses the words lockerz ?
    Can u tell "wii news" to stop coping my news that i post for wii under gaming or hardware...plz
    Hi how are you doing. I was hoping you can do me a favor and change my name to KingofPop please?
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