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  • Yeah that's where I am now, sadly. I knew something was bothering me in the back of my head, I kept asking myself "I remember starting all of my mages at red level then moving themn through each color, but why..." Then it hit me, the spells, blimey... -_-;
    Well the skull is a green one, and the mage is blue. I've been having them create characters but I think I'm good with what I have so I'll just start hoarding mana until they're Lv.100 then reincarnate at genius level, hopefully. Everyone's about Lv.12 or so except the healer and Thief, they reincarnated into their second levels already. I feel like that was probably a bad decision somehow.
    Ah that's too bad.

    I got started on it today, traded in all of the starter humans for superior counterparts, got a female mage and a thief. Thief's pretty awesome actually, dat movement bonus.
    Yeah and not trying to 'collect' a copy of every character, just ones I like. There were so many challenges in Disgaea 2, but I can't remember any of them. Waaaaah
    Got a Skype?
    It's been a long time since I've played it but I'm thinking of starting Disgaea 2 over. This time I'll actually use a thief so I have some kind of offense to mount against Zeta when I finally get to him.
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